Microsoft 2019 The Vision

Here is the Microsoft’s Vision Video from the recent Wharton Business Technology Conference.  It is interesting to visibly see how other peoples concept of ICT will be implemented in the long term future.

  • How will the standard office change and adapt?
  • What challenges will arise?
  • What productivity gains can we make?

MS Vision 2019

Figure 1.1 Microsoft's Vision for 2019

This is some pretty impressive concepts I believe.  From File Storage, to collaboration. It’s almost a seachange in the normal office and administration environment that we have become accustomed too in the last 20 years. Imagine collaboration using live translation from verbal and visual communication, Or geoscience information displayed in all its holographic glory for that monday morning powerpoint presentation.  Would this mean the end to powerpoint? LCS? Word?

Considering that Oil Companies are truly global affairs,  would automatic translation aid centralised information flow or distract from people having a common understand.

It will be interesting as to how this might effect productivity when we are no longer shackled to a monitor and a keyboard – when every surface has the possibility to become interactive.

Figure 1.2 Microsoft Vision in Engineering

Figure 1.2 Microsoft Vision in Engineering

Is this too invasive? Will we long for the good old days of cubicle’s and department rooms?