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Obama considers repealing tax incentives

Posted by , April 20th, 2009

Throughout the US presidential campaign, the now-President Barack Obama promoted an energy policy focused on boosting the growth of renewable power across the nation by decreasing dependency on imported energy. To achieve this, the Obama administration has proposed the repeal (the removal or rehearsal of a law) of various tax incentives on the oil and […]

Deploying Technology in Remote Locations

Posted by , April 20th, 2009

The modern manager within the gas and oil industry is highly dependent on IT and technology to achieve any of their goals. This is a sad fact of life. The problems faced by a decentralized gas and oil industry that has no choice but to be in every corner of the globe is at odds […]

Biog – Jason Ensor

Posted by , April 20th, 2009

Jason Ensor E-Commerce  in the IT industry as a project and programme manager. Most recently I’m website reputation consultant.  Enhancing peoples ability to defend their corporate reputation through generating positive comments and information to form a positive Image of that organisation Http:// And as an Search Engine Optimisation and Google Adwords running Campaigns for Virgin, […]

SharePoint 2010

Posted by , April 17th, 2009

At long last we have a roadmap for SharePoint 2010. Yes, Sharepoint 14 is now officially named as Microsoft SharePoint 2010. So no more MOSS Acronym. Why was the word Office removed from the product name. Well for most people the word Office is associated with the Microsoft Client suite of Office Products – i.e. […]

SharePoint Top 10 Reasons for use

Posted by , April 9th, 2009

Everyone has heard of SharePoint.  But why would your team neede it ?  Another complex application that you won’t use. Don’t speak to soon because there is a reason you heard of this and you might just have a use for this tool that could transform the way you do business. Improve team productivity with […]