SharePoint 2010


At long last we have a roadmap for SharePoint 2010. Yes, Sharepoint 14 is now officially named as Microsoft SharePoint 2010.
So no more MOSS Acronym. Why was the word Office removed from the product name. Well for most people the word Office is associated with the Microsoft Client suite of Office Products – i.e. Office Applications (word, excel etc.). So from now on – SharePoint is just Sharepoint – a server based tool. I digital dashboard for the web age.

Strangely enough – the old logo for Sharepoint Office 2010 is still available, but I am guessing that it will be updated anyday now, especially with all the SharePoint Buzz with is going around.

What new features are we expecting?

  • Improve inbrowser editing Capabilities
  • Native support for SQL Server tables as SharePoint lists
  • Native Silverlight support including Silverlight based webparts.
  • Virtual Load Balancing
  • Bi-directional BDC
  • Improved Account Handling.
  • Improved Social Networking (advances towards facebook type functionality (is this a good thing?)
  • FAST Search for SharePoint.

It is interesting to also note that that SharePoint 2010 has been internally available since February 2009 and that SharePoint 2007 Service Pack 2 is a requirement for the SharePoint 2010 Upgrade.

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