Google Wave in the Enterprise?


If you’ve not heard of the new kid on the block with regard to collaboration, then look no further than Google Wave. In short – Google Wave is a service which combines a mix of email/twitter and facebook all rolled up into a friendly open source API. Its been stated that Google will allow other providers to run some of the web servers (as posted on CNET) as opposed to GMAIL which Google only allows Google to run.

It has some elements of IM,Threaded Chat, photo sharing, can be embedded into Blogs,  and some elements of Collaborative tools i.e.  Spell Checkers, revision markers and versioning.

I think the best way I would describe it is mixing Windows Live Messenger Twitter into Outlook with an indent tab for conversations like The Iphone.

You can sign up for the beta on


It is currently in the preview but in many ways very similar to a concept put out by FriendFeed .

I am still waiting to see how that would actually make business use and performance any better and not just another facebook type application which you would need to ban from your Network to stop the performance drain which ‘i’m bored at work’ non company centric Social Networking sites provide.

So, are Google gearing this Wave towards the mass home user market (where their revenue comes from advertising and adwords?) or the Enterprise Market? Which type of collaboration is this? In my mind the whole concept of collaboration is split between personal and SOHO collaboration (‘hello Im in the shop now – look at me Twitter/facebook type) and the business processes knowledge sharing collaboration.  And although they share the same name they are completely different beasts.

The OilGeeks blog is about Oil and Technology and the enterprise so I will leave the Small Office / Home Office , Home User blogs to better hands.(

Do not get me wrong. I love the use of Groove and software which a company can control and monitor but it has to give the business benefit.

The question is:-

  • Will it improve our business
  • Will it save the company money?
  • Will this make us get oil out faster?

Its easy to forget most of us reading are technical geeks, how would such a tool effect a security badge person? Or Document Controller who adds documents into EDMS (Documentum) as her 9-5 job. Unless you work directly in a technical company. What will this add to you.

I agree that IM does need to evolve.  I hate having to block everyone on skype because I want to appear with different status’s to different groups but with the same email account.

It will be interesting to see how Groove (Microsoft Office Sharepoint Workspace 2010) evolves and whether it takes some of the features on board.

For me, with a business perspective hat on – I cannot see the Wave coming to enterprise.