IIS Error on one Web Front End (Timer Error)


Recently we have been having issues with one particular Web Front End (WFE) on our Kazakhstan SharePoint Server 2007 Farm. At first we believed that perhaps it was due to bespoke development or even some of the connectivity Documentum to outside trusted domain. (SearchADForest anyone??)
Slowly and painstakingly we went removed one by one of the customizations – still this random event and IIS locking issue would appear.
The strange thing was. That all the server farms are built to a standard build to a script (for disaster recovery reasons) with set application pools and everything.


So why would this be only happening on one server or was this just the intermittent nature of the problem and it just appeared by laws of average to be only on one server.

Part of the biggest problem with this is the fact that the issue, did not appear on any other production Server, or in the Development or even Test Environment.

After a countless trails of man hour we finally tested the MS patch as detailed below:


At which point. The question begs.. do you apply this to all Servers in the farm? Or just the server with the issue. The problem hereby is that if you just apply it to one server, then all the servers are no longer standard.

In the End I opted for a managed roll out and applied it to all servers.

So far it seems to be working.

Interesting though, and slightly scary.