Minimal Download Strategy (MDS) In SharePoint 2013.

One of the nice features of SharePoint 2013 is the notion of Minimal Download Strategy (MDS).  If you think about the way the Enterprise Application Providers are pushing their global solutions in a software as a service way (i.e. SharePoint Online and  Office 365).


There are a few issues with this (I’m quite opinionated on this when it comes to how it relates to Oil and Gas Industry but that’s another story) but the whole idea of having your apps and your sensitive business data hosted elsewhere does have performance issues.

Why? Well most Oil and Gas facilities are not based in Silicon Valley, London, Cambridge or South Korea.  They are probably in some far distance country with rather bad internet connections with limited bandwidth.


Always online works perfectly well in the right situation but that situation isn’t everywhere.

To make a better use of bandwidth – SharePoint 2013 has the notion od Minimal Download Strategy (MDS). Basically this sort of throttles and caches the page

Only the content which has changed is downloaded.


Internally and transparent to the users, there is a download manager which interfaces between the client and the server. Thus only changes between two pages are loaded, and thus less information is passed down the network and the actual page renders quickly.

You might think, we already have caching on etc. and AJAX is nothing new to any developer so does it really make any different. Well it feels like it does – and its automatic and enabled by default.

For one user it feels more responsive, so if you scale that to the thousands of people in your organization I would definitely imagine the benefits would be more tangible.

You can disable it if needed (!!) from Site Settings – Manage Site Features – Minimal Download Strategy – Deactivate this feature