Titus SharePoint Security

Microsoft SharePoint is becoming a critical business platform for collaboration in all its forms – from Document and Records management – to Knowledge management and Information Management. It is simply growing beyond a document repository and becoming a information hub for a variety of critical business data. What this translates to in a security context is, that without proper enforced access control, governance and auditing for the content then you simply expose the business to risk.

I think over time, Information Security (InfoSec) combined with the growth of SharePoint will offer new opportunities and obstacles for large enterprises. Something which even from a manage power / resources / Skillpool – there is little appreciation of this. I think the Security aspect of Information and Data will grow. When I think of security I don’t just think of penetration testing or Ethical Hacking, I see it in a more Information Management / Document / Record landscape.

With this in mind, how does one enforce protection and security to sensitive documents and metadata.

One of the companies which I have come across, and respect is Titus.



Titus SharePoint Security Suite enhances SharePoint Security in a variety of ways including governance, access controls, metadata governance.

The Suite comprises of two distinct products:-

  • TITUS Metadata Security which controls the access to content in a secure and managed way.
  • TITUS Document Policy Manager which applies a visual security layer in the form of labels with a benefit that it converts documents to PDF.