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Titus SharePoint Security

Posted by , July 26th, 2015

Microsoft SharePoint is becoming a critical business platform for collaboration in all its forms – from Document and Records management – to Knowledge management and Information Management. It is simply growing beyond a document repository and becoming a information hub for a variety of critical business data. What this translates to in a security context […]

Self Service Business Application Delivery

Posted by , November 11th, 2014

One of the biggest benefits I have seen from implementations of SharePoint – is the notion of self service Business Application Delivery.

SharePoint 2013 First Impressions

Posted by , January 4th, 2013

Over the July 21st weekend I managed to get the beta of SharePoint 2013 downloaded. Interesting times as I have been quite eager to see how it goes after the various what-if ideas postings around the net.  Most of the work I have been bought in to do for the last few years as been around […]

How to increase SharePoint list template size limit

Posted by , July 8th, 2009

At the moment, in my SharePoint team we have many new people starting their first journey into the field of maintaining SharePoint support and delivery inside an Oil Company. Some of the gotcha’s which I myself got caught out with first time with MOSS – still happen and continue to happen. SharePoint is a massive […]

SharePoint Service Pack 2 Issue (MOSS SP2)

Posted by , May 23rd, 2009

For anyone who has released the SP2 on their MOSS Production server farms. There is a known issue where it will automatically make the installation act like it is a trial and thus will expire after 180 days. Microsoft are currently working on a hotfix for this but there is a short alternative. Just re-enter […]

Chart of STSADM commands

Posted by , May 13th, 2009

Thanks to DamianJ for this link which a nice chart listing the command line options for STSADM.  I have stuck a blown up version of this chart on my wall as a reference for my team.

SharePoint 2010

Posted by , April 17th, 2009

At long last we have a roadmap for SharePoint 2010. Yes, Sharepoint 14 is now officially named as Microsoft SharePoint 2010. So no more MOSS Acronym. Why was the word Office removed from the product name. Well for most people the word Office is associated with the Microsoft Client suite of Office Products – i.e. […]

SharePoint in the Oil and Gas Industry

Posted by , January 10th, 2009

In any Business, the workers of the business collaborate and share information to aid the business goals. More so in the Oil and Gas Industry because we are working beyond Political, Geographical and functional boundaries. It is a worldwide industry across all the continents. We have different languages, different timezones and completely different requirements and […]