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Blockchain Fundamentals – The business of Honesty

Posted by , April 17th, 2019

So my latest book is finally out. Its taken about a year to write in my sparetime.  This Blockchain Fundamentals guide was written with foremost idea to share the basic understanding of Blockchain and how the core technology behind it works. The core concepts are the buildings for what we do with the technology forwards. […]

Did I mention Blockchain?

Posted by , October 30th, 2017

One of my own personal interests from a technology and a investment capacity for a while now, has been blockchain and the underlying technology behind it.  Notice that I say blockchain and not BitCoin (I have had way too many conversations where even my barber is asking me if I am investing in Bitcoin.. which […]

Remote Storage and the Enterprise

Posted by , August 1st, 2013

A subject which keeps reoccurring in our technical circles is the notion of having us our stuff in the ‘cloud‘. Buzzword Bingo aside – what we are really talking about is Remote Storage and Outsourced Software as a Service (SaaS).  I will focus on outsourced Software as a Service (SaaS) including Azure and Amazon Web […]

SharePoint Top 10 Reasons for use

Posted by , April 9th, 2009

Everyone has heard of SharePoint.  But why would your team neede it ?  Another complex application that you won’t use. Don’t speak to soon because there is a reason you heard of this and you might just have a use for this tool that could transform the way you do business. Improve team productivity with […]

Microsoft 2019 The Vision

Posted by , March 3rd, 2009

Here is the Microsoft’s Vision Video from the recent Wharton Business Technology Conference.  It is interesting to visibly see how other peoples concept of ICT will be implemented in the long term future. How will the standard office change and adapt? What challenges will arise? What productivity gains can we make? This is some […]