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Self Service Business Application Delivery

Posted by , November 11th, 2014

One of the biggest benefits I have seen from implementations of SharePoint – is the notion of self service Business Application Delivery.

Minimal Download Strategy (MDS) In SharePoint 2013.

Posted by , February 6th, 2013

One of the nice features of SharePoint 2013 is the notion of Minimal Download Strategy (MDS).  If you think about the way the Enterprise Application Providers are pushing their global solutions in a software as a service way (i.e. SharePoint Online and  Office 365). There are a few issues with this (I’m quite opinionated […]

SharePoint 2013 First Impressions

Posted by , January 4th, 2013

Over the July 21st weekend I managed to get the beta of SharePoint 2013 downloaded. Interesting times as I have been quite eager to see how it goes after the various what-if ideas postings around the net.  Most of the work I have been bought in to do for the last few years as been around […]

Why the need for a Intranet Portal?

Posted by , June 8th, 2012

Why the need for a Intranet Portal? A major part of the framework to any successful venture is reduce overhead and costs by sharing and making use of existing information. Why re-invent the Wheel? The are many islands of information across the every large enterprise, whether that be from Suppliers. Procurement, Human Resources, Operations.  Each […]

Windows Live Essentials Social features

Posted by , August 19th, 2010

Microsoft have just released the new Windows Live Essentials beta. This adds a host of new social networking and publishing features to their existing Desktop Applications. For myself, The best feature is howWindows Live opens up your existing online Social Networking Applications, like Facebook Flickr YouTube Gmail Google Contacts WordPress LinkedIn The beta is available […]

Microsoft announce Free Retake on MCP exams

Posted by , April 1st, 2010

The good guys at Microsoft are offering a special free retake on Microsoft Certification Exams.  Yes that’s right. A free Second Shot at Certification Exams. Why is this interesting? Well to be honest, given the option, I seeing MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) gives me some confidence that there is some understanding of the specific field. […]

IIS Error on one Web Front End (Timer Error)

Posted by , February 28th, 2010

Recently we have been having issues with one particular Web Front End (WFE) on our Kazakhstan SharePoint Server 2007 Farm. At first we believed that perhaps it was due to bespoke development or even some of the connectivity Documentum to outside trusted domain. (SearchADForest anyone??) Slowly and painstakingly we went removed one by one of […]

The Six Pillars of MOSS 2007

Posted by , September 2nd, 2009

1. Collaboration By integrating Workspaces, Tasks, Forums, Surveys, Blogs, RSS and Wikis, the platform builds on the wild success of the 2003 collaboration features while hitting the Web 2.0 check box items for the new wave of collaboration and knowledge management applications. Point players in this space — SocialText, BlogTronix, SuiteTwo, eTouch, BaseCamp, Automattic, etc. […]

How to increase SharePoint list template size limit

Posted by , July 8th, 2009

At the moment, in my SharePoint team we have many new people starting their first journey into the field of maintaining SharePoint support and delivery inside an Oil Company. Some of the gotcha’s which I myself got caught out with first time with MOSS – still happen and continue to happen. SharePoint is a massive […]

SharePoint Service Pack 2 Issue (MOSS SP2)

Posted by , May 23rd, 2009

For anyone who has released the SP2 on their MOSS Production server farms. There is a known issue where it will automatically make the installation act like it is a trial and thus will expire after 180 days. Microsoft are currently working on a hotfix for this but there is a short alternative. Just re-enter […]