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Most Confidential or not in Information Management Part 1

Posted by , February 9th, 2016

I’m sure everyone’s aware of the words ‘Most Confidential’ but in reality most organisations don’t actually give much thought beyond storing in a file share somewhere with the words ‘Most Confidential’ being part of the title.  I have seen this in massive enterprises. Its really a grey area even from a technical standpoint. And that’s […]

Titus SharePoint Security

Posted by , July 26th, 2015

Microsoft SharePoint is becoming a critical business platform for collaboration in all its forms – from Document and Records management – to Knowledge management and Information Management. It is simply growing beyond a document repository and becoming a information hub for a variety of critical business data. What this translates to in a security context […]

Importance of Software Testing

Posted by , March 20th, 2015

Yes I’m sure most people nod a head at this title, and even perhaps say ‘why are you telling us something we already know’. But lets be honest.. do you know that there are some methodologies and best practices behind this. Its not just a case of random. Or have a developer write a User […]

Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)

Posted by , July 21st, 2013

Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) Buzzword Bingo or not? If you haven’t heard of Information Lifecycle Management before this is a quick overview and why I believe that it’s important in your business, why its needed, how it fits in and what it means to people working in the industry. Oil and Gas companies collect a […]

Knowledge Management and Birthday Presents

Posted by , October 11th, 2012

One of the things I want to discuss is the concept of Knowledge Management?  Yes! that generic catch all statement that techies dismiss as meaningless waffle and business process people find hard to give tangible benefits.  How do we actually show metrics on what has been gained from a knowledge stand point. Breaking it down. […]

Why the need for a Intranet Portal?

Posted by , June 8th, 2012

Why the need for a Intranet Portal? A major part of the framework to any successful venture is reduce overhead and costs by sharing and making use of existing information. Why re-invent the Wheel? The are many islands of information across the every large enterprise, whether that be from Suppliers. Procurement, Human Resources, Operations.  Each […]

Information Architect and SharePoint

Posted by , December 29th, 2010

From a technical point of few, a lot of us describe ourselves as SharePoint Architects, or Consultants or Developers. But one thing I have learned from many years trying to understand the use and Business benefits of Information Technology is that, in most cases the business decision maker, or the layer of Governance and Business […]